Director’s Welcome

Welcome to the 2013 National Queer Arts Festival


Zeitgeist is a marvelous German word that means the Spirit of the Time.  In our case, we asked visual and performing artists to either imagine what people looking back at Queer Date 2013 would feel were the unique spirits of this time; or to look back in history and choose queer movements/spirits from those epochs and re-define them.

Everything from the perception of body & gender in performance & circus and styles of burlesque to examining privilege, immigration, post traumatic stress, ageism, sexism, ecology and racism are gracing our stages and gallery walls and, as usual, in new and queer ways.   You’ll laugh and gasp and get all hot & bothered where you least expect to!

We celebrate who we are and who we want to become—and as always, we start the conversation with the arts.

Please join us and support our artists and queer artists everywhere!

Pamela Peniston
Artistic Director