Dear Mammaries is a group exhibition featuring interactive sculptural and installation based works that address the artists’ unique current or past relationships with their breasts. In this unique body of work a diverse range of artists use text and visual mediums allowing the viewer into this intimate relationship through visual dialogue with our bodies addressing body image, gender identity, breasts …

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Revisit this wonderful exhibition with a selection of the curators and the artists who are defining the spirits of times. Come celebrate the spirit of our time with spirits and snacks and a market you won’t believe at the opening of the visual arts exhibit and the festival! In the midst of the opening, Qcc will host a Zeitgeist market …

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6.19strangeBedf DiscV2

Strange Bedfellows is a visual art exhibition exploring collaborative practice in historical and contemporary and queer art.  This interactive panel discussion, moderated by curator, Amy Cancelmo, brings together several of the exhibiting artists to discuss issues of collaboration. Participating artists will discuss the impetus for collaborative practice, personal and/or political desire, “familial” connections, empathy, intersubjective identity, and collaboration as a …

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