Spoken Word


A person has to admit they’ve hit bottom when they search for life’s meanings in today’s shitty pop songs.  But that’s exactly what we’ve asked ten Queer artists to do!  There’s always that one song on the radio that seems to say exactly how we’re feeling, no matter the guilty pleasure that it is.  It’s time to come out of …

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An evening of satire, comedy, dance and drop-down drag Bollywood ‘ishtyle’!! In Kareem Khubchandani’s Lessons In Drag, Professor Lawhore Vagistan, a drag queen attempting to make it on the Bollywood Screen, educates her classroom about the day’s topic – Fillum. By combining ethnographic interviews, queer South Asian fiction, Bollywood-inspired comedic drag sequences, and improvised audience interaction, Kareem stages the many …

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