Wecome 2012

Director’s Welcome
The 2012 National Queer Arts Festival presented by the Queer Cultural Center.


Figuratively or literally, they mark the distance you’ve covered or the distance you have to go.

This year, celebrating our own milestone of 15 years of showcasing queer artists through the National Queer Arts Festival, Queer Cultural Center asked our artists to create programs of the milestones they have encountered either in their communities or in their lives.

As usual, our artists/curators have captured new ways to express this concept: whether it’s examining the choices one has to make when choosing to immigrate or emigrate; the queering of the celebrations and rites we re-create, in Mangos with Chili’s Reclaiming the Rites or the discussions of appropriation in our Visual Arts show-ReMix: ReFraming Appropriation, these are just a few of the fresh ways of looking at these markers.

Qcc has spent 15 years presenting and developing new Queer Artists & Queer Arts organizations, but we could not have done it without the audiences who come to support these artists and in turn, Queer Cultural Center.  The Board and Staff of Qcc thank you for your vital partnership and we hope you’ll join us for the next 15!

Pamela S. Peniston
Artistic Director