Lit/Readings ’12

J14 TheBigv2

The Biggest Quake 2012

The Biggest Quake brings together eight San Francisco artists with varied backgrounds in writing, performance art, music, public health, science …

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J11 MixBlendv3

Mixed, Blended & Whole 2012

Mixed race identity. Transracial adoption. Interracial relationships in the queer community. Enter the world of Mixed, Blended & Whole where humor, performance …

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J6 Radar

Radar Superstar 2012

Since 2003, RADAR Productions has hosted monthly literary performance with an emphasis on queer-centric and underground voices. Each June, RADAR and …

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J2 MigSexu

Migrating Sexuality 2012

Migrating Sexuality: Unspoken Stories of Land, Body and Sex is a mixed media visual art exhibition and literary performance that centers …

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