Music ’12

J15 FreMeav3

Fresh Meat Festival 2012

“fierce and fine tuned…history in the making” (Bay Area Reporter) Outrageously popular, artistically outstanding, powerful and always delicious – The …

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J14 TheBigv2

The Biggest Quake 2012

The Biggest Quake brings together eight San Francisco artists with varied backgrounds in writing, performance art, music, public health, science …

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J12 InPraiseV4


IN PRAISE OF DEAD GODS – Divine hymns to raw existence! Here are four outsider musicians and songwriters who slyly …

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J11 MixBlendv3

Mixed, Blended & Whole 2012

Mixed race identity. Transracial adoption. Interracial relationships in the queer community. Enter the world of Mixed, Blended & Whole where humor, performance …

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J7 ThisisFilmv4

This is Film. This is Magic. This is Some Sort of Craziness That Queers Do. 2012

Why, for the love of it all, must we always watch Brakhage? Join local filmmakers and freaks in celebration of …

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J6 LovThrDv2

Love Through Deviant Ears 2012

Love Through Deviant Ears: Vol. 2 “Fight Songs” is the second installment of a performance series that began in 2011. …

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