Performance ’12

J11 MixBlendv3

Mixed, Blended & Whole 2012

Mixed race identity. Transracial adoption. Interracial relationships in the queer community. Enter the world of Mixed, Blended & Whole where humor, performance …

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J10 ColPrac

Collaborative Practice and the Future of Memory 2012

Atlanta-based performance collective John Q (Joey Orr, Andy Ditzler, and Wesley Chenault) join GLBT Historical Society Artist-in-Residence E.G. Crichton and …

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J8 TheGarAllSt2v3

The Garage All-Stars: Part II 2012

1st half – To My Dearest Landscape Painter, I Have Murdered Your Children and Burned Down Your House by With …

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J7 ThisisFilmv4

This is Film. This is Magic. This is Some Sort of Craziness That Queers Do. 2012

Why, for the love of it all, must we always watch Brakhage? Join local filmmakers and freaks in celebration of …

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J7 Ataste2

A Taste of Transformation 2012

Femina Potens invites you to a decadent evening of food, wine, visual & performative art works.  A night of wine …

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J6 LovThrDv2

Love Through Deviant Ears 2012

Love Through Deviant Ears: Vol. 2 “Fight Songs” is the second installment of a performance series that began in 2011. …

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J6 IntOfLGBv2

Intersections 2012

Join our panel of feminists, queer artists, activists, counter-culture renegades and performance artists for a night of interactive performance art, …

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J5 XSunnyV2

X – Sunny Drake (Australia) 2012

X is your window into the whimsical world of two best friends and two puppets searching for an escape from …

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J3 BestRevV4

Best Revenge 2012

The milestones spread across the landscape of the LGBTQ rights movement are undoubtedly worthy of acknowledgement.  There is merit to …

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J2 Bilariousv2

Bilarious 2012

The NQAF is proud to bring you The Bilarious Show, an evening of laughs celebrating the diverse world of the …

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J1 TheGarAStrs1

The Garage All-Stars: Part 1 2012

San Francisco–Bay Area performance artist, poet, dancer, actor and activist Dazié Rustin Grego returns to the stage to offer audiences …

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