I Am A Man

Bay Area performance artist, poet, dancer, actor and activist Dazié Rustin Grego returns to the stage to offer audiences I AM A MAN, an exploration of gender expectations and masculinity. This new original work is Grego’s protest response to the recent slaying of Jorge Steven Mercado, a Puerto Rican teenager whose killer solicited him for sex, believing him to be …

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Transparent Trap with Dynasty Handbag

Dynasty Handbag returns to her old stomping grounds to bring you the San Francisco premier of video work Eternal Quadrangle and new live performance work, including Control Top, a mutilated reworking and vast extended remix of the 80‘s Janet Jackson classic that involves a car accident and a rigorous human piano solo. In Eternal Quadrangle Dynasty Handbag finds herself on …

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Bollywood Divas: Queering Desi Cinema

An evening of satire, comedy, dance and drop-down drag Bollywood ‘ishtyle’!! In Kareem Khubchandani’s Lessons In Drag, Professor Lawhore Vagistan, a drag queen attempting to make it on the Bollywood Screen, educates her classroom about the day’s topic – Fillum. By combining ethnographic interviews, queer South Asian fiction, Bollywood-inspired comedic drag sequences, and improvised audience interaction, Kareem stages the many …

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Still Here

What does it mean to grow up in San Francisco, to come out, to negotiate home, self, identity, family, loss, and love in a city widely perceived as a gay mecca? Still Here presents new work by artists raised in San Francisco during the 80s and 90s and still living in the Bay Area that delves into these never-explored questions. …

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SHAFTED: The Blaqxsploitation Project

Itz 1970s San Francisco. In a hood bulldozed by “urban renewal,” an intergenerational, multigendered, pansexual gang of badasses – a rainbow of Blackness! – bands together to raise CLUB MYSTIQUE from the rubble of gentrification. The joint is jumpin’ with a crowd-of-all-colors-genders-sexualities singin’ the only home we have is the love we have for ourselves as they participate in SWEET …

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Strange Bedfellows

Strange Bedfellows is a visual art exhibition exploring collaborative practice in historical and contemporary queer art. Featuring the work of over twenty contemporary queer artists working in a variety of media, the show presents diverse strategies for collaboration and considers multiple authorship as a radical concept.  To date, the project includes video, photography, performance, sculpture, sound, textiles, painting, design, and …

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Earthy: An Ecosex Bootcamp

When two, queer San Francisco women lovers discover more about the global environmental crisis, they see red and go green. Beth Stephens, a sassy butch artist professor, and Annie Sprinkle, a high femme ex-porn star and sexologist, join the environmental movement only to discover they don’t quite fit in. So they do it their way. They switch the metaphor from …

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Queeriosity is a literary arts and performance event that creates a safe space for LBGTQ youth to speak their truths without having to conform to the ideals of others, or pander to limited mainstream understanding of “Queerness.”  Queeriosity was created to give youth a place to simply be, speak from the places they are here and now, and have their …

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Stories of Queer Diaspora

Join us in celebrating how Queer im/migrant and 1st/2nd generation folks unapologetically navigate their bodies, gender, culture, sexuality, and history through a night of intergenerational performance art, dance, music, mixed media, and spoken word! In 2012, this intergenerational series premiered and successfully sold out The Mission Cultural Center to a crowd full of beautifully fierce jotatistas. Last year, SQD also …

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GUAVA: Performing Queer African Truths

GUAVA is a multi-media performance piece that addresses queer African sexuality and how immigration and geographic location impact it. GUAVA documents stories that are often ignored and marginalized and utilizes art to share those stories as well as engage in conversations about queer African sexuality. GUAVA will debut at the National Queer Arts Festival and then be performed in Nigeria and South …

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