Visual Art ’12

J26 TheYelv2

The Yellow House Project 2012

The backbone of The Yellow House Project is the story of my entrepreneurial great-grandmother, Ida Sue Brown, and her queer son, Billy Brown (who was …

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J17 StoOfQv3

Stories of Queer Diaspora 2012

Join us in celebrating how Queer im/migrant, undocumented, and 1st generation folks unapologetically navigate their bodies, gender, culture, sexuality, and …

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J16 FDinoArt

Faggot Dinosaur – Art Opening 2012

Please join Writers Among Artists founder and editor Ali Liebegott in this visual and literary collaboration of dinosaurs knitting, fucking, …

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J8 CulConf

Cultural Confluences: The Art of Lenore Chinn 2012

Cultural Confluences: The Art of Lenore Chinn celebrates the public unveiling of The Oracle Room, a painting for which the artist received …

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J7 Ataste2

A Taste of Transformation 2012

Femina Potens invites you to a decadent evening of food, wine, visual & performative art works.  A night of wine …

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J3 AMGv4

AMG Whizz-Bang! Athletic Model Guild (1968-1972) 2012

This exhibit showcases Athletic Model Guild’s output from 1968 through 1972.  After the interpretation of laws regarding male frontal nudity …

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