We chose self-portraiture as the theme of Qcc's inaugural exhibition for many reasons. We wanted this first exhibition to represent who we are, what we can be, and what we can accomplish. We wanted a place to start; to begin a serious discourse on queer culture. A beginning that was not an absolute ideological position but a place that would be continually open to itself and its re-creation. A place that celebrated difference as its mode of being and justice as its practice. We wanted to present ourselves not as an abstraction ( a theoretical category, a political identity group or an economic brand) but as an array of unique individuals who share this "queerness". We gathered these artists together in hope of creating this place, this center. We decided to start with introductions. A look into each other.s eyes. We decided to call this first gesture FACE.

The eighty pieces that were chosen for this exhibition represent for us what we believe is at the heart of our intentions. We see in these works a level of criticality that is admirable and a struggle for affirmation that is inspirational. We thank the artists who have so generously presented themselves as our debut.

The Queer Cultural Center
Rudy Lemcke and Lenore Chinn
co-curators for FACE
Summer 1998