Rumi Missabu

Rumi Missabu



Black & White Photography

Curator: Camaraderie Art Salon

Rumi Missabu


The selection and exhibiting of my photographs in this year’s festival acts as a personal healing process for myself as a first-time photographer. Until recently I have only regarded my photography as a hobby although I’ve exhibited the work of many photographers as part of my Camaraderie Art Salons and amassing a substantial archive as a founding member of the gender-bending, acid-drenched legendary Cockettes.


These two images from a Day of the Dead celebration in San Francisco’s Mission District, resonate a transformation of hope and healing in the time of death; the ascension of the spirit into divine spheres.


After leaving the medium to the pro’s, it just might be time to take my work more seriously. Nevertheless, I won’t be leaving my day job as a reigning domestic goddess anytime soon!