Gustavo Villareal

Gustavo Villareal




Curator: Camaraderie Art Salon

Gustavo Villareal

“Campo Santo/New Orleans”

While viewing these images, one is reminded of the human need for hope and healing. Hanging from walls of an alcove in the chapel at Saint Roch’s cemetery in New Orleans are relics that represent human suffering. This gesture of hanging these relics is the manifestation of hope and healing’ to implore a higher power to help us is itself part of the healing process. Action aids healing.


Although these images are devoid of people, humanity is implied; the leather on the prostheses tell a story of the need for healing. As an artist, I’ve made it my purpose to show how all people are connected to a shared experience. The impressions that come from these particular pieces are felt and shared by all. All people need hope; all people need healing.