Jeff Jones is a long range planning and fundraising consultant who has completed more than 30 strategic plans for non-profit arts organizations. Jeff has authored over 2000 successful grant proposals for a wide variety of Arts, AIDS and environmental non-profits. He has written two nationally significant reports that launched a national debate about arts funding: "San Francisco's Prominent Arts Organizations: Why Aren't They Equal Opportunity Employers" (1988) and "Institutionalized Discrimination In San Francisco's Arts Funding Patterns" (1989). Both of these unpublished reports were distributed to state and local arts councils by the staff of the National Endowment for the Arts. He was instrumental in the establishment of San Francisco's Cultural Equity Endowment, which currently awards almost $2,000,000 annually to arts organizations and individual artists whose work is reflective of the experiences of women, lesbians and gays and people of color.