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GLBT Historical
Summer 2009

> Lineage I

Artists' Pages

Elliot Anderson
Dominika Bednarska
Troy Boyd
Luciano Chessa
Crow Cianciola
Lauren Crux
Bill Domonkos
Maya Manvi
Camille Norton
Gabriella Ripley-Phipps
Tina Takemoto

SOMArts Gallery
Summer 2010

Lineage II

Artists' Pages

Elliot Anderson
Terry Berlier
Tammy Rae Carland
Bill Domonkos
Miki Foster
Jamil Hellu
Dorian Katz
Nomy Lamm
Elissa Perry
Laura Rifkin

LINEAGE: Matchmaking in the Archive I

The first work to emerge from LINEAGE: Matchmaking in the Archive was shown in an inaugural exhibition at the GLBT Historical Society main gallery in 2009.  I designed the installation to suggest an exposed archive and included the work of 12 participants. This website will guide you through this mirror archive.

The work was structured on and around steel archive shelving. Archive boxes, both functional and fabricated, served as display units for artifacts from matched collections as well as some that served as visual enticement for future matches. A line of text quotes from participants snaked around the gallery walls. And for each matched pair I created a portrait in which the living occupy the frame at the same time as the dead. Each photo shoot lasted 2 hours or more; my living models frequently spoke to their projected matches, as well as with me and whoever else was in the room. Laughter, discomfort, conversation and technical distractions all mingled with a bit of the uncanny and felt like a form of community.

E.G. Crichton,
Artist-in-Residence for the GLBT Historical Society
Creator of LINEAGE project


Historical research on “invisible minorities” engenders unconventional strategies, hones specially adapted skill sets, and relies on resources that may not qualify for conservation in traditional archives. For instance, the seventh sense known as gaydar, a sensitivity to detail that serves queer folks as both a survival mechanism and a social networking device, enables us to recognize and acknowledge kinship outside of nuclear family structures. Personal ephemera and apparently trivial historical detritus--a body building magazine, a recipe, a page of sheet music, a necktie--can connect us with past lives whose traces would have been lost were it not for archival collections such as those preserved by the GLBT Historical Society. Working with this kind of material calls for the mobilization of techniques frowned on by conventional historians: poetic intervention, speculative reenactment, story-telling, and fantasy. As Monique Wittig inveighs in Les Guérillères, “Remember. Or, failing that, invent.” Where there are gaps, we must infer, imagine, project. Or, we must take the gap itself as a statement of fact. This exhibition invites such leaps of imagination, projections that illuminate invisible zones within official accounts of historical and biographical events. These archives, animated by creative impulses, unsettle our ideas about who we are, where we come from, who we want to be, and how we remember.

Tirza True Latimer
Chair, Visual and Critical Studies
California College of the Arts


thanks to Jewelle Gomez for help in crafting a fundraising letter)

Arts Research Institute, UCSC
Committee on Research, UCSC
GLBT Historical Society
Horizon Foundation
Michael and Rachel Katz, in memory of their mother Laura
Pat Cull
Lori Katz
Carol Stuart


Gallery Preparation and Setup

Tom Burtch
Crow Cianciola
Kellie Kawahara
Gabriella Ripley-Phipps
Masha Rotfeld
Spencer Sands
Katie Hutton Saunders

Text Designer

Darrée Diane Hyun

Exhibition Design Consultants

Elizabeth Cornu
Tirza Latimer

Plexiglas Fabrication, Idea for Window display

Maya Manvi

Website and Postcard Design

Bill Domonkos (Postcard and http://lgbtlineage.net Website Design)
Rudy Lemcke (Queer Cultural Center/Website Design)

Artwork Design

Ria Anderson (Dominica Bednarska’s writing)
Reid Benes (Lauren Crux’s book)
Chloe Rawlins (Troy Boyd’s letter)
Wayne Smith (Camille Norton’s poem)

Brainstorming Collaboration

Lauren Crux

GLBTHS Support

Rebekah Kim,  managing archivist
Aimee Forster, operations manager
Daniel Bao, accounting
Paul Boneberg, executive director
Don Romesburg -  Board of Directors
David Schellinger – street sign design
Aaron Wessels - publicity
The Women’s Committee, especially
Lynn Brown, Cathy Cade, Ruth Mahaney, and Masha Rotfeld