I want to thank Assistant Professor Carl Pope, Department of Art, University at Stony Brook, for curating this exhibition. I also want to express my gratitude to Assistant Professor Christa Erickson, Department of Art, University at Stony Brook, for curating the film/video component of Queer Visualities and for designing the print and web exhibition catalogues and the announcement card. Special thanks are also extended to Associate Professor Jonathan Katz, Yale University, for writing the catalogue essay and for his assistance with the organization of the exhibition and the conference. I also want to thank the Petrig Collection, Long Island, NY, Deitch Projects, NYC, Jessica Murray Projects, Brooklyn, NY, and the Andrew Kreps Gallery, NYC, for their generous participation in this exhibition.

I gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the Cowles Charitable Trust and the following departments and organizations affiliated with the University at Stony Brook: Office of the Provost; Office of the Dean of Students; the Humanities Institute at Stony Brook; and the Friends of the Staller Center.

Special thanks are also extended to members of the Staller Center for the Arts staff: Pete Pantaleo, and Michelle Wacker, for installation assistance; Gallery Assistants Esther Marie Chagaris, Linda Chesney, Sydney Ku, Vincent Louie, Yan Ruan, Rachel Sheriff, and Jin Zhou; Gallery Interns Donna Marie Barbe, Glenda Fernandez, Donna Lipschutz, Thilo Schuster, and Christopher Vivas; Liz Silver, Technical Director, Neil Creedon, ATD, and the Staller Center Technical Crew, for exhibition lighting; and Marge Debowy, Assistant to the Gallery Director.

Most of all, I wish to thank the artists and collectors for sharing their work with the Stony Brook community.

Rhonda Cooper,
Gallery Director