QCC The Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender Art and Culture.

Founded in 1993 Qcc is a multidisciplinary arts presenting organization that conducts artistic and interpretive programs exploring queer identity issues.

Our programs promote the careers of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender artists, foster the growth of queer arts organizations and serve queer and non-queer audiences alike.

By presenting, exhibiting and screening queer artists' work QCC contributes a multicultural perspective on the Lesbian/Gay/ Bisexual and Transgender experience. 


The QCC Website is a virtual electronic multidisciplinary venue that provides public access to outstanding queer artists' work.

The Website's presenting, exhibition, interpretive, collecting and archival programs serve local, national, and international audiences by showcasing queer artists whose works employ text, video, sound, graphics and/or photography.

The Website's programs commission, present and exhibit contemporary and historical queer art, engage artists, critics and audiences in its interpretation and assemble and maintain a permanent collection. The Website serves as a multi-purpose virtual venue that promotes the development of queer art, artists and non-profit arts organizations, publicizes QCC's real-time and virtual programs, archives and interprets significant works and engages the community in the creation of new content.


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