Baldwin, Mara
(blue) (2007)
Pen on paper
29 x 22 inches
Installation view
worn (red) (2007), re-ravel (2009), worn (brown) (2007), worn (blue) (2007).
Mara Baldwin

The objects in our lives shape who we are as we gather them into order and give them purpose.  My fixation onto objects with history compensates a disconnection I feel from my own.  By drawing objects I invite interrogation of what is missing.  It is this dichotomy, of objects that exist only in the absence or presence of another, such as holes, tears, knots, fading, stains and wear that is the connective thread throughout my work.  This dichotomy also reflects my understanding of queer identity-- that we are equally shaped by all the things we are as all the things we are not.  In this same way, stories are told with intentional omission and elaboration, a choice that implies the possibility of multiple truths, and each of my drawings exists only in contrast to the shape of white paper around it. 


worn (brown) (2007)
Pen on paper
29 x 22 inches
Detail not shown:

worn (red) (2007) 
Pen on paper
29 x 22 inches

re-ravel (2009)
Color pencil and watercolor on paper 
22 x 27 inches