Micah Bazant & Emmett Ramstad
He is So Handsome (2009)
Installation view
(l-r) Bazant/Ramstad, Collins, Claude, Cummings (detail in forground).
Micah Bazant & Emmett Ramstad

In order to navigate the binary gender system, and to be validated by trans subcultures, we find we must reduce our complex gender identities into simpler transmasculine identities. What seeps out the edges of this reduction is HE IS SO HANDSOME – a glamorous concoction of lace, wigs, white gloves and pearl-encrusted tiaras. These collages explore princesshood as an elaborately fabricated high femme presentation and a forbidden gender fantasy for those striving for acceptance into manliness. This tension between performance and public scrutiny crystallizes into a gleaming covert desire, a pearl.

Should HE IS SO HANDSOME be accepted into Threads, it will be elaborately framed and hung salon style. Currently the piece consists of less than twenty, variably sized, collages (all under 12”X20”), but we are flexible as to how many we hang together and how much wall space it takes. We would be more than happy to simply hang a couple. Also, we propose to spend the duration of the art opening dressed and performing as the Queen of England and former Princess of Wales.