Steven Vasques Lopez
Splish Splash Stripes (2007)
Acrylic on Panel
24 x 24 inches
Installation view: (l-r) Huron, Lopez, Boudreaux
Steven Vasques Lopez

A lot of my work is about being a guy focused on love, relationships and childhood- unconventional subjects for a male. These works explore my relationships as a gay male, while being influenced by Fashion, Pop Culture, patterns and graphic iconography. Having been raised by a seamstress and jet engine mechanic, my family tradition of intensive labor is transmitted in the meticulous nature of these handmade paintings.

"Threads" offers a forum to display my work as a medium that weaves together various patterns, graphics and colors to create visual stories of my own gay personal history.

Steven Vasques Lopez
His and His (2007)
Acrylic on panel
10 x 10 inches