Index of Artists
Adams, Atticus
Gertrude and Alice (2008)
Ahearn, Bren
Installation view
Baldwin, Mara
worn (blue) (2007)
Ball, Jasper Gregory
Installation view
Boudreaux, Zee
Clean is Never (2009)
Buitron, Michael
Untitled (2006)
Claude, Teri
Installation view
Clausen, Alex
Built with Jayson (2008)
Collins, Liz
Sock Monkey Suit (2008)
Cros, Muriel
Mirror (2006)
Cummings, Torreya
30 Person Tug-O-War (2007)
Der Ananian, Greg
I Love Seamen (2008)
Ellsworth, Angela
Sister Wife Adrian (Catalysis III, 1970), (2008)
Faulk, David & Johnstone, Michael
Rocket Shoes (2008)
Fiveash, David
Imaginary Girls (2008)
Lorch, Kate/Fletcher, Welly
Fulled and Felted: of eighteen thousand
Gratland, Paige
The Sontag (2005)
Hammond, Harmony
Making of the Tassel (1972)
An Oval Braid (1972)
Hanasik, Jason
I had to find you to know what you looked like (2009)
Hillman, Patrick
Double Fantasy (2009)
Hogan Finlay, Onya
MAJORA/minora (2006)
Hubbard, Katherine
Untitled (2009)
Huron, Sade
Wait (2008)
Indigo Girls
Installation view
Kahn, Jesse M.
5 Pillows from the home arts projects (2007). Detail.
Renick- Rinehart, Nora & Kurz, Danielle
The Code Quilt (2008)
Lohner, Harold
30 yards of thread (2009)
Lopez, Steven
His and His (2007)
Maida, Lee
Rage Rug (2007)
Naschke-Messing, Ali
We are full of possibility (LightLine Series)
Metzger, Cyle
Upside Under (2008)
Monday, Zak
Bleedy Eyes (2008)
Muholi, Zanele
Miss D’vine I (2007)
O'Arwisters, Ramekon
Shaman’s Tunic (2007)
Pepe, Sheila
Dr. Cach (2009)
Bazant, Micah & Ramstad, Emmett
He is So Handsome (2009)
Roberts, Lacey Jane
Almost Always Here (2009)
Robinson, Michael Sylvan
The Robe of the Song of Union (2007-9)
Gremard-Romero, David
The Red Yacatecuhtli Lienzo (2009). Detail.
Rubiku, Anila
Sewn Dreams (2004)
Sanders, Jeremy
Installation view
Simms, Jeannie
Margareta and Sit Nursaadah in the field down the road from the Maid Training Agency [Yogyakarta, Indonesia], 2009
Telford Keogh, Catherine
Watching You, Watching Me (2008)
Ulrich, William Cricket
The Tie that Binds (2009)
Waters, Irene
ECHOS (empty clothes hang on show) (2008)
Wilson, Angie
Traditional Queer Double Wedding Ring Quilt (2009)

Video Program
Boyer, Travis
Indigo Girls* trailer (2008)
Hellstern-Kjøeller, Henriette
GayGirl (2008)
Hellstern-Kjøeller, Henriette
Interogation (2008)
Removed at the request of the artist
Ramstad, Emmett
Hotdog (2009)
Roseborough, Tim
Men (2008)
Rossi, Kjerstin
Sequinlight or What Does a 24 year old Queer Girl Care About Stan Brakhage (2008-9)
Tess, Rebecca Ann
Orchids (2008)
Whitehead, Anna
Great Kings (2009)