June 7 - 26th, 2009
SOMArts Gallery and Cultural Center
San Francisco, California

Opening Reception: June 7th @ 3pm

Threads Curatorial Statement

Queerness weaves the threads of our physical, social and moral existence together into a multi-dimensional fabric of community and our selves.

As queer artists we continue to create complex identities and imagine new modes of address through a myriad of queer tactics, textures and sensibilities.

What are the threads that bind, mend and sometimes unravel this spectacular fabric of queer art? How does this queerness operate? How does it present itself? How do we fashion, perform, subvert or display queerness in our art and lives?

We hope to explore these themes in art in all mediums that incorporate (in the broadest sense of these ideas): sewing, knitting, weaving, braiding, binding, knotting, textiles, quilting, patchwork, costuming, fashion and fashion events, drag, second skins, performance art, woven texts, blogs, digital networks and communities.

Curators: Tirza True Latimer, Rudy Lemcke, Matt McKinley,  Pamela Peniston, Allison Smith, and Tina Takemoto
Exhibition Co-ordinators: Courtney Dailey & Tamara Loewenstein

Threads Artists:

Adams, Atticus
Ahearn, Bren
Der Ananian, Greg
Baldwin, Mara
Ball, Jasper Gregory
Bazant, Micah & Ramstad, Emmett
Boudreaux, Zee
Boyer, Travis
Buitron, Michael
Claude, Teri
Clausen, Alex
Collins, Liz
Cros, Muriel
Cummings, Torreya
Ellsworth, Angela
Faulk, David & Johnstone, Michael
Fiveash, David
Gerard Romero, David
Gratland, Paige
Hammond, Harmony
Hanasik, Jason
Hellstern-Kjoller, Henriette
Hillman, Patrick
Hogan Finlay, Onya
Hubbard, Katherine
Huron, Sade
Indigo Girls
Kahn, Jesse M.
Lohner, Harold
Lopez, Steven Vasques
Lorch, Kate/Fletcher, Welly
Maida, Lee
Metzger, Cyle
Monday, Zak
Muholi, Zanele
Naschke-Messing, Ali
Pepe, Sheila
O'Arwisters, Ramekon
Roberts, Lacey Jane
Robinson, Michael Sylvan
Roseborough, Tim
Rossi, Kjerstin
Rubiku, Anila
Sanders, Jeremy
Simms, Jeannie
Telford Keogh, Catherine
Tess, Rebecca
Ulrich, William Cricket
Waters, Irene
Whitehead, Anna
Wilson, Angie
Threads Opening Reception. June 7, 2009. SOMArts Gallery. San Francsico