CQC Logos and Deadlines


All CQC Publicity and Marketing material must include the following logos.

QCC (Queer Cultural Center)
SFAC (San Francisco Arts Commission)
CAC (California Arts Commission)
GFTA (Grants for the Arts)
The Hewlett Foundation
The Walter and Elise Haas Fund

Logos and Links:









QCC – Queer Cultural Center logo







SFAC logo: Here is the link to the SFAC website with instructions of Logo use by grantees. This page has downloadable eps files. http://www.sfartscommission.org/ceg/grant-programs/for-grantees/files-forms/





CAC – California Arts Council logo: Here is the link to the Logo Download page:








GFTA – Grants for the Arts logo: Here is the link to the Logo Download page for GFTA: http://www.sfgfta.org/for_grantees/media_kit.php






The Hewlett Foundation logo: Here is the link to the Logo Download page. http://www.hewlett.org/logos



The Walter and Elise Haas Fund logos


Creating Queer Community – Timeline 2014/15

Tax/grant workshop
LGBT Center

This workshop is designed to strengthen your ability to apply for other grants and keep track of your financials. It will also help you figure out how to deal with the influx of cash into your personal bank account.

September 15 – 24
Program & Production Plan – By phone or live.

Pam will be contacting you to discuss your commission amount; what venues seem most appropriate and their costs. We will also begin discussions on dates/times and ticket price for the program. Sarah Guerra and Pam will go over the basic information about what you need to know regarding your venue and its technical requirements. We will begin to plot out your production schedule and technical rehearsal and discuss what additional technicians or support you may need

Projects that happen before May/June will be contacted the weekend of 9/13-14.

Publicity/Marketing/Media workshop
LGBT Center

This meeting is designed to address 3 areas and to let you know: What we will need from you, in what format & when in order to publicize your event in our catalog & on the website; What we will do for you in terms of marketing via the website & Facebook pages & events; and what things you should be doing for yourself such as press releases & social media.

Board Mtg./ Artists
LGBT Center

Please come and practice your “elevator speech” (the short description of your show in a minute) on our Board and staff and celebrate all the winter holidays! You will be wined (or beered) and dined and have a relaxing time mixing with your fellow awardees from this year and past years.

January – TBD – Later in the month/ optional workshop opportunity.
The Endeavor Foundation Professional Development Workshops

Presenting your Self:-Send me your headshot, short bio, and artist’s statement.
LGBT Center

At every stage of an artist’s career, the first request from a curator, producer, or event coordinator is: “Please send me a headshot, bio and artist’s statement.”

Artists who attend this workshop will leave with a fine tuned narrative biography and artist’s statement.

The workshop facilitator will discuss examples of well-written biographies and statements and provide resources for further development. The workshop leader, Janet Silk, is an artist and writer teaches “Writing for Artists” at San Jose State University.

February – TBD – Early in the month/optional workshop opportunity
The Endeavor Foundation Professional Development Workshops
Presenting your Work: Show Me Your Portfolio
LGBT Center

This workshop is primarily for visual artists who want to learn how to present their work to curators and galleries – and to get their work seen. Artists will learn how to find the right gallery or space for their work; gain insight into how to approach a curator; and will be given resources to help them find alternative strategies for getting their work seen and written about.

Lead by 2 prominent gallery directors TBA

50 word description first draft due by email to artistic@queerculturalcenter.org

This is your first draft of perhaps the most used description of your event. It will appear in the catalog, the ticketing website and the general Festival press release. Pam will email you during that week to discuss how you might improve the blurb or give the ok to submit it.

50 word final description/Curator bio/key photo/150 word- due by email to Sarah Guerra at production@queerculturalcenter.org

The lead artist/s for the production must submit their bio/s, the “long” description of the event for the website and the image you want to be your key image–used in your banner, the email blasts and the top of the website. Because of the way the banners are constructed, this image must be able to be cropped square, although the entire image may be used in the catalog.

When your information has been received, the draft of your contract and a W-9 form will be emailed to you along with your technical requests. Please insure that the contract is correct and sign, scan and return it and the W-9 and we will issue you your commission check.

Associate Artists Bios & headshots due by email to Sarah Guerra at production@queerculturalcenter.org

All of the artists appearing in or contributing to your production should be recognized on our website; please send a 2 paragraph bio and a headshot for each of them.

Tech Sheets due by email to Sarah Guerra at production@queerculturalcenter.org

Your tech sheet will be included in the mailing with your contract. It is vital we have the tech sheet so that we can connect you with your technician and support your production.

April 6 – Return by April 13
You will be sent an image of your page on the website. Please proof and correct any typos; edit artist bios (for those who may have been added or have left). Return any corrections for the website by April 13 to communications@queerculturalcenter.org

April 7 or May 5 (TBD)–(Contact Managing@queerculturalcenter.org 6 weeks in advance)
The News Works in Project Performances

If you are interested in appearing in the SOMArts production of Kolmel’s The News. Please contact Kevin Seaman at the above email and let him know. The News is a wonderful opportunity to try out material on a receptive audience anxious to discuss the work. It’s important for you to publicize your appearance in the program to bring as many people in as we can.

April 20
Images (jpgs) from the LGBT Center exhibitions must be sent to the Ruth McFarlane, Program director at the Center at ruthm@sfcenter.org

Catalog due from Printers. Our distributor will pick up all but 2 boxes of the catalogs to distribute. You will be able to collect some at this time to distribute to places you think will bring you audiences–and save a few for your archive. If you are interested in receiving some, please contact Sarah Guerra at production@queerculturalcenter.org and let her know the week before how many you would like. She will arrange a time for them to be picked up.

May 25 – the week of
Installation of LGBT Center visual art shows. Even though the opening receptions will happen in the month of June, this is when the art will be installed.

May 29
It’s on! The Festival opens early and finishes with Creating Queer Community on June 30.