Bareed Mista3jil

June 11 & 12
Bareed Mista3jil:
a staged reading of true stories by queer Arab women
Exit Theatre Café
156 Eddy Street, SF
Tickets: $10-$25
Tickets are at the door – cash only please
Whether it’s learning and claiming the word Lesbian in defining your desires, coming out to accepting, incredulous, or disparaging parents, or the hilarious trials of finding a girlfriend in Beirut, readers and musicians interweaving these true stories will have your attention from start to finish.  

The lesbian, bisexual, queer, questioning and transgender writers in Bareed Mista3jil (pronounced Mista-a-jil) remain anonymous, and dedicate the book to ‘all of you with stories that are yet to be told.’ This anonymity emphasizes similarity in tone and topic to our stories internationally and audiences may catch a glimpse of themselves in this Beirut landscape.

From reclaiming the word ‘shazz’, which literally means ‘deviant,’ to claiming the right to wear a hijab or the right to an atheistic belief, this book, recently published in Lebanon by a collective ( is daring and bold. The performance of these stories brings that daring and boldness to life.

Partial proceeds benefit Bareed Mista3jil.