Bodies Curators’ Tour | June 14

BOdyJune 14
Bodies Curators’ Tour

Curators and Exhibiting Artists will give a guided tour of the exhibition.

Each year as part of its National Queer Arts Festival, the Queer Cultural Center presents an international exhibition of cutting edge queer art.  In keeping with this year’s 2014 NQAF theme, “Body Politic/s,” and considering the Bay Area’s long history of political engagement, we asked artists to pay special attention to the politics of the body as well as the body politic.

For those who are denied access to traditional political means, or for those who voluntarily reject this, artists have used their own bodies as sites of political transformation or contestation. Whether it is in performance art, installation, film/video, photography, or traditional media such as painting and drawing, artists use bodies (their own and others) as site, metaphor, and catalyst for change.






Bodies Tour