Body, body, bodies – Opening Reception | June 7

BOdyJune 7, 2014
Body, body, bodies
2pm-5pm – Opening Reception
Exhibition June 7–28
SOMArts Cultural Center

Gallery Hours: Tuesday–Friday, 12–7pm, Saturday, 12–5pm
Artist/Curator Walk Through – Exhibit walk thru – June 14, 11am




Body…wanna feel my body?
Body…such a thrill my body
Body…wanna touch my body?
Body…it’s too much my body
Check it out my body, body.
Don’t you doubt my body, body.
talkin’ bout my body, body,
check it out my body
Village People

Yes, we did go there.
The Village People.

Lift a libation at SOMArts with a twofer of great exhibitions in the front and back galleries!  In the main gallery, join us in a celebration of:

Each year as part of its National Queer Arts Festival, the Queer Cultural Center presents an international exhibition of cutting edge queer art.  In keeping with this year’s 2014 NQAF theme, “Body Politic/s,” and considering the Bay Area’s long history of political engagement, we asked artists to pay special attention to the politics of the body as well as the body politic.

For those who are denied access to traditional political means, or for those who voluntarily reject this, artists have used their own bodies as sites of political transformation or contestation. Whether it is in performance art, installation, film/video, photography, or traditional media such as painting and drawing, artists use bodies (their own and others) as site, metaphor, and catalyst for change.

Artist/Curator walk thru and discussion on Monday from 5:30pm-8pm.
Come see work that explores the limits of what it means to be a body.

Body, body, bodies

Agid_Image1web-300x225Agid, Shana

Letter-Av2Allegra, Indira

Alvarado_image4web-234x300 Alvarado, Jose Brache_Image2web-168x300Brache, Carlos
BrackensBrackens, Diedrick Briccetti_Image3web-300x235Briccetti, Rose brisseyBrissey, Charli campbell_sash-1webCampbell, Anna
Carley_Image3web-225x300 Carley, Amelia

Picture 1Casey, Doyle, J.

Castro, Gerardo
Cortez_Image5web-300x200Cortez, Susana
Picture 1Choi, Minkyung a-mothers-secretswebDe Hoyos, Joe Edison_Print_1web-300x241Edison, Laurie SelfiesGannaway, Preston
Picture 1George, Rami Herrera_Image1web-300x225Herrera, Arturo Holladay_InvisibleLaborwebHolladay, Sailor Howard_Image4web-200x300Howard, John
Still_BalboaMethod_IbarraIbara, Xandra Lee_image-01web-300x199Lee, Kang Seung Lehner_Image3web-300x168Lehner, Ace Mismar_Image1webMismar, Omar
nettaNetta, Joe look_im_azn01Nguyen, Hoang Tan

hoyanpun_hand2webNicole, Ho Yan Pun

04_Sadovsky_ExistingModels1webSadovsky, Netta
Picture-2Weitz, Julie 16.recession-leather-walletwebWheeler, Deborah