Body, body, bodies


BodybannerCall for Entries
Queer Cultural Center
National Queer Arts Festival
June 1 – 28th
SOMArts Cultural Center Gallery, San Francisco
DEADLINE: February 15, 2014

Mail Entries to: [email protected]

Body, body, bodies

Body…wanna feel my body?
Body…such a thrill my body
Body…wanna touch my body?
Body…it’s too much my body
Check it out my body, body.
Don’t you doubt my body, body.
talkin’ bout my body, body,
check it out my body

-Village People


Each year as part of its National Queer Arts Festival, the Queer Cultural Center presents an international exhibition of cutting edge queer art. Over the years QCC has shown more than 1,000 visual artists in 15 major group and solo shows.

In keeping with this year’s 2014 NQAF theme, “Body Politic/s,” we are asking for submissions of artwork with the theme of “body.” All media are accepted!

The Bay Area has a long history of political activism that extends to this day.

This history of civic engagement has nurtured visual art that pays special attention to the politics of the body as well as the body politic. For those who are denied access to traditional political means, or for those who voluntarily reject this, artists have used their own bodies as sites of political transformation or contestation. Whether it is in performance art, installation, film/video, photography, or traditional media such as painting and drawing, artists use bodies (their own and others) as site, metaphor, and catalyst for change.

We are looking for work that explores the physical, social, political, affective and historical dimensions of the body. Themes can include: body as stage, body as canvas, dressed and undressed bodies, costumed bodies, colonized bodies, liberated bodies, bodies at play, bodies in entropy, abject bodies, commodified bodies, indexed bodies, archived bodies, humorous bodies, failed bodies, bodies in transition, domestic bodies, alien bodies, bodies performed, bodies performing, bodies in symbiosis, bodies extended, bodies modified, bodies as signifier, bodies as signified, bodies electric, bodies scarred, bodies healed, bodies as event, bodies displaced, pathetic bodies, bodies without organs, triumphant bodies, abstract bodies – work that explores the limits of what it means to be a body.


DEADLINE: February 15, 2014

Please send the following to: [email protected]

1. Please send visual documentation of previous work or work in progress. You may submit 2 to 5 jpegs, video links to YouTube or Vimeo or web links to images or projects. Please carefully label your images beginning with your last name and image number (example: Lastname_Image1.jpg).

2. Please include a Work Sample list describing each sample.

3. If you are submitting a proposal for an installation please submit a detailed description and plan for your project including rough dimensions and any special hardware or rigging requirements.

4. For all other non-traditional media, please submit a proposal no longer that 2 pages with an appropriate work sample that will help the curators understand your idea. Please feel free to contact the exhibition coordinator if you are uncertain about what to [email protected]

5. A brief resume

6. A brief statement explaining how your work addresses the exhibition’s theme. How does your work reflect or critique the intellectual, ethical and cultural climate of our queer times?

Please send your submission via email to body@queerculturalcenter .org

Our Mailing Address is:

Queer Cultural Center (Qcc)
c/o African American Art and Culture Complex
762 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Note: Arrangements and expenses for shipping/delivery/retrieval are the responsibility of the artist. All non-installation must arrive/be delivered “ready to hang.” Artworks are insured by the gallery from the time they enter the gallery until they leave.