Thea Hillman & Katastrophe
Readings and Performance

Tuesday, June 22, 2004 7:30pm
LGBT Community Center
1800 Market Street

Tickets: $5-$15 sliding scale


Who taught you about money and masculinity? Or queerness? How did you learn what job you could do, or not do? In Class Action Suit, Thea Hillman and Rocco Kayiatos look at their childhoods and their lives, exposing the connections between class and gender, revealing the naked places in between butch, femme, transgender, within our queer relationships and the queer community. Post-show discussion about class and queerness. Presented by Qcc.



Photo: Victoria Heilweil

Thea Hillman is a retired overachiever. She still writes and performs her work around town, and even though she’s not half as productive as she used to be, she is twice as happy. Author of “Depending on the Light,” Thea has recently been quoted in the Bay Area Reporter and Time magazine, and has a piece in the acclaimed “Pills, Chills, Thrills, and Heartache” anthology. She’s not hard at work, but is working on a new project, a memoir about growing up and coming out intersex. For performance schedule, go to


Photo: Chupa Kristen Matteson

Katastrophe (AKA Rocco Kayiatos) is a hot-shit, somewhat reclusive, over analytical, FTM emo-hop MC who has rocked the mic, charmed the ladies and educated the masses across the USA. With his tongue-twisting rhyme style, political frankness and a disarming sense of humor, he has become a primary player in the growing national queer hip hop underground.