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The Salon–interview
Dorothy Allison Talks about working-class guilt…The film version of “Bastard out of Carolina” and Coming out–as a science -fiction fan.
Dorothy Allison weaves tales from the heart
By Mary Ann Stover
New York Blade

To fully understand the depth and complexity of Cavedweller is to look at the threads of author Dorothy Allison’s own life. Traces of her experiences and relationships are found in all the novels main characters: Delia, her husband Clint, and her daughters Cissy, Amanda, and Dede.

Biographical sites about Dorothy Allison

Dorothy Allison
This site has a short biography and a photograph of the author.

Other sites about Dorothy Allison talks to Dorothy Allison
Short interview covering the basic questions for any writer, such as how Allison began writing, what she reads, and so forth. Contains: Interview

Dorothy Allison: A Family Redeemed
An article about Allison’s home life and its relation to her novels.
Contains: Extensive Bio, Commentary, Works List, Interview
Author: Susan Salter
From: Publishers Weekly Online March 2, 1998

Dorothy Allison, Difficult Seductress
An interview with the author, focusing strongly on weight and body image.
Contains: Interview
Author: Barbarism
From: FaT GiRL

The Salon Interview: Dorothy Allison
Fascinating interview, exploring the more personal and autobiographical aspects of Allison’s work.
Contains: Interview
Author: Laura Miller