Give OUT Day 2014

giveoutday2014It’s an unquestionable reality that San Francisco is in the midst of rapid change. But I don’t need to tell you that. I’m sure you know all about the sky rocketing rents and Ellis Act Evictions.

But this isn’t about all that. This is about the queers that continue to be drawn to San Francisco for its reputation as “gay mecca.” This is about the artists that want to stretch the limits of their artistic minds and create new work. This is about activists that are looking to join a conversation of inclusion and equity to ensure that all LGBTQ people thrive. This is about emerging queer artists and this is about Creating Queer Community.

Creating Queer Community (CQC) is a capacity-building commissioning program that annually assists culturally diverse LGBTQ artists to organize original art projects exploring social justice issues. Unlike similar commissioning programs, CQC not only gives artists the funds to actualize their artistic dreams, it also provides technical assistance in fundraising, marketing and artistic planning to ensure that the programs are successful.

This year, 20 projects were funded that all explore queer identity and its intersection with social justice issues. The majority of these projects will be presented as part of the National Queer Arts Festival happening all over San Francisco throughout the month of June.

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Pamela Peniston