Crackpot Crones Inc. Presents HICK:  A Love Story. Written by Terry Baum and Pat Bond. Performed by Terry Baum. Directed by Bobbi Ausubel. Part of The Garage AIRspace residency program for queer performance.

Eleanor Roosevelt, FDR’s wife, wrote 2336 letters to Lorena Hickok.  Their correspondence began in 1933 when they fell in love and only ended with ER’s death in 1962. This story was uncovered in 1978, when biographer Doris Faber opened 18 boxes willed to the FDR Library by Lorena Hickok. These letters make clear that Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok had had a passionate lesbian relationship.  Hick was a famous journalist when she met ER.  But as time went on, she subordinated her career and even her happiness to this relationship.  Meanwhile, Eleanor, radical and outspoken, became a force for good  – with less and less time for Hick.  Pioneer lesbian playwright Terry Baum, in a play by herself and Pat Bond, brings Hick to life as Hick struggles to love and support the greatest American woman of the 20th century.

June 26-27 @ 8pm
HICK by Terry Baum
The Garage


Terry Baum has had four plays published and produced all over the world. Her work has been translated into French, Dutch, and Swedish. An Italian version of Dos Lesbos offended the Pope during the World Pride 2000 celebration in Rome. Baum has been creating theater in San Francisco since she founded Lilith, the Women’s Theater Collective, in 1974. As a solo performer of her own work, she has toured the U.S., Canada, Europe and Israel. Immediate Family, performed by a Dutch movie star, was a stage hit in Amsterdam and filmed for Dutch prime time TV. She has received the Restless Pens Playwriting Award and the KPFA Radio Playwriting Award. Recent productions in San Francisco are: Waiting for the Podiatrist at Venue 9 (2003), and Two Fools at Theatre Rhinoceros (2004) and Baum for Peace at the Marsh (2006), which was selected for the 2007 NY Fringe Festival. Baum has made several short movies, one of which was shown at the 2007 Frameline Gay Film Festival in San Francisco. Baum was the Green candidate for U.S. Congress in San Francisco in 2004. She is a member of the Dramatists Guild.