LEXhibition @ The Center

k_redgreene_Mi-Ani-HaYom-No-1.jpegApril 2, 2015

LEXhibition @ The Center
SF LGBT Community Center

From May through November, the Queer Cultural Center collaborated with The Lexington Club to install visual art shows as LEXhibitions. Now, with the closing of the Lex scheduled for April 30, we wanted to bring some of the art to a larger public by restaging the three exhibits at the LGBT Community Center.

Queer & Now is an invitation for artists to look at themselves and their communities and investigate what issues or concerns are most urgent now.

Dog Show, Expo, Shane Co. is a solo exhibition by Amanda N. Simons. Print, paint, and the archive collide in works that blur the boundaries between commercial and handmade aesthetic, between real life and forgery, and also between love and law.

Baggage – What do we collect, accumulate, recycle and carry thru life to comfort us? What are the costs of baggage–material and emotional–and is it still possible to travel light?

Thank you to the LGBT Community Center, the amazing Lexington Bar and its owner, Lila Thrikield and to the artists who shared this time with the Queer Cultural Center!