Michael Derry – WAR

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Troy #84 “Faux-Mos & Near Queers” – 2005
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Troy #111 “Can Heaven Wait?” – 2005
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Troy #112 “It’s a Miracle!” – 2005
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Troy #121 “Avenging Angel” – 2005
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Michael Derry

At this moment in history, the entire world is at war: The “War on Terror.”  Conservatives against Liberals.  The Religious Right against gays and everyone else.  These are the very topics I’ve been handling in my comic strip, “Troy.”

The characters are at war for their civil rights, with the religious right over their souls and with themselves over what it means to be gay in today’s society.  Every aspect of daily life has been affected by war and “Troy” reflects that reality with a nod, a wink and a healthy dose of good humor.