Moving Men

garagemenmv June 4 – 26 (Fri – Sun)
The San Francisco Moving Men Present:
Dancing @ The Garage

The Garage
Fridays and Saturdays – 8pm
Sundays – 2pm
Tickets: $20
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Joe Landini has presented choreography in London, Mexico City and Santa Fe NM as well as Santa Cruz, Laguna Beach, Marin, Sacramento and Monterey. He received his BA in choreography at UC Irvine and his MA in choreography from the Laban Centre in London UK.

“Shag 76” is a disco pas a deux on a 3×5 shag rug. The dancers hustle, shimmy and leap, trying to not fall off the rug, creating a tense struggle for “Staying Alive”.

“Love Match” is an athletic duet inspired by competitive tennis and takes place in an astroturf cube designed by Dave Moore. The dancers propel themselves through space, bouncing off artificial turf while audience members throw tennis balls, creating a compelling improvisational element to the performance.

“Invaded” is a sensual duet for two men performed under the veil of 1950 sci-fi films. Projections create an eerie atmosphere while dancers move sculpturally, emerging and retreating while scenes from “The Day The Earth Stood Still” and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” create an a provocative juxtaposition.

“Non-Sequitur” is a neo-classical trio set to a driving classical cello suite. Stark lighting creates an industrial, post-modern environment that is both beautiful and disturbing. The rigorous choreography incorporates exciting partnering to create an epic journey.  

“Coda” is a trio designed to utilize The Garage’s small space; dancers run up walls, into the audience and throw themselves through space, constantly ricocheting off each other in a daring contemporary dance that challenges audience’s personal space, the fourth wall and the performer’s physical endurance.