Our Community Values

For LGBTQ2S+ communities, art has always been vitally transformative: we are striving every day to transform a culture that would rather see us stamped out of existence, and our survival depends on our success. Queer Cultural Center has long played a prominent role in the frontlines of queer culture in the Bay Area. We are inspired and informed by the generations of LGBTQ2S+ artists and activists who lead the charge for equality and inclusion.

Uplifting the voices of QTBIPOC artists and communities supports a vibrant San Francisco Bay Area ecosystem. In reflecting our region’s cultural diversity, we call audiences to action in support of social justice, cultural preservation, and racial equity. We aren’t just interested in transforming mainstream culture into one that is more inclusive and embracing of authentic selves – we want our art to bring about radical change within LGBTQ2S+ communities as well. We put in the work to ensure that our programs reflect the full diversity of our region and communities so that everybody can see themselves reflected and feel welcome and belonging.

Our programs reflect 4 core values: social justice, cultural equity, representation, and cultural connection. The programs and artists we present reflect our community’s racial, sexual, gender, economic, dis/ability, body size, and age diversity, and we have historically always prioritized QTBIPOC artists. As we actively dismantle old systems of oppression and create new visions of being, we believe that community building is key to social change and that we can envision this change through the arts.