Youth Speaks & The Love N’ Justice Project.
Friday, June 14; 8 pm
Location: SF LGBT Community Center, 1800 Market @ Octavia, 2nd Floor

The “gumbo” of queer youth art will be a mix of some sweet spoken words, hot & spicy choreography, and tangy visual graffiti art. Laced with musical intermissions by DJ’s Carmen and lov-lei, who will be playing the deepest of underground and positive hip-hop, Queeriosity is about the communications in youths between mind (poetry), body (dance), and spirit (community). More than just a party, Queeriosity is a place for queer youth to come together, organize, and get serious about building a unified movement toward a more hopeful future.

Since 1996, Youth Speaks has been developing opportunities for diverse youths to find, develop, and share their voices publicly. For general information about Youth Speaks programs, call 415.661.6927. Youth Speaks is building the next generation of leaders through the written and spoken word. Our innovative programs nurture and develop the youth voice and promote positive social dialogue across boundaries of age, race, class, gender, culture, and sexual orientation. We encourage youth to find their own avenues toward creative self-expression, and embrace the collaborative nature of group dynamics and peer-to-peer education.