SFinX: San Francisco in Exile–Another Evening of Greatest Hits
Saturday, June 15; 8pm
Location: SF LGBT Community Center, 1800 Market @ Octavia

Hosted by Marcus Rene Van, with performances by Angela Hannah, Philip Huang, Michael Jackson, Clare Lewis, Rocco, Michelle Tea, Brian Thorstenson, Tyger Walsh, Copper Wimmin

A resident program of the Jon Sims Center for the Arts, SFinX: San Francisco in Exile is a spoken word performance series and accompanying Web site archive by queer writers that re-ignites the spirit of early Gay Liberation. Righteously defiant, politically and critically incisive, brimming with resistance to the stupefaction of U.S. culture, SFinX features an aggressively inclusive multi-cultural and multi–gendered lineup of writers, that by virtue of health, gender difference, and economic status are most vulnerable to being exiled from San Francisco. The SFinX Web site serves as a digital monument to queer spoken word where users can listen to the performances streamed on demand: www.SFinX.org. The site also serves as an informational clearinghouse for the writers, helping to advance their professional development. SFinX’s community-driven structure and events address issues of class both through content and by example.

I DO, I DON’T: A Queer-Centric Solution to an American Institution

Friday, June 4: 8 pm
Jon Sims Center For the Performing Arts
1519 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

Tickets: $10-$15

SFinX (San Francisco in Exile) takes an honest and fearless look at marriage and divorce and unions of all kinds. Ever secretly considered returning your wedding gift for cash to support your heroin addiction? Marry the wrong babe in the heat of the moment of civil disobedience and social change? Were you scared to take your boyfriend anywhere near City Hall? Need an annulment? Come to SFinX: San Francisco’s most irreverent and provocative spoken word series at Jon Sims Center for the Arts. Curated by Susan Fleming.