Asian American Dance Performances (AADP)

June 17/18, 8:00pm
Jon Sims Center
Tickets: $10, NOTA
Info: 415/ 554-0402 or

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Queer and Asian? How does that translate?

Performers Jennifer Chien, Sue Li Jue of Facing East Dance & Music, Dohee Lee, Nitya Venkateswaran, and special East Coast guest company danahbella DanceWorks explore the intersection of race, sexuality, and gender. Translations is presented by Asian American Dance Performances (AADP), in association with the Qcc and APICC. Post-performance refreshments and dialogue with the artists provide an intimate evening of dynamic performance and thought-provoking discussion about identity and the creation of dance.

Sue Li Jue
Photo: Marty Sohl
Danah Bella

Dohee Lee

Nitya V.

This event is co-produced by APICC
Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center




Translations: Dancing the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality
Asian American Dance Performances (AADP)

June 9 — 11 at 8:00pm

Tickets: $15-20 sliding scale, NOTA

AADP presents: Chinawinds Dance & Art, danah bella, Muse, Nature Theater of Oklahoma, Nguyen Dance Company, Twincest, and Vispo Dance Company. Presented in association with Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center, Queer Cultural Center, & CounterPULSE. Make reservations NOW for this new dance concert hybrid!

Nguyen Dance Company
Chinawinds Dance & Music, danah bella
Twincest, and Vispo Dance Company
Christopher K. Morgan The Measure of a Man, photographed by David Tucker III
Jez Lee
Photo by Twincest/Shawn Tamaribuchi
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A decades-long love affair born during student protests in Mexico City in 1968; A Black Panther on the down low in Oakland; A tomboy guitarist strumming against Martial Law in the Philippines: Queer histories and communities collide in Translations, a multi-genre theater piece produced by Nico Dacumos.  Translations brings to the stage a collaborative script by Dewayne Dickerson, Natalia Vigil, and Dacumos, music by Jesus Guillèn, the direction of Aimee Espiritu, and a cast of talented queer actors. The action drops us into the thick of experiences left untold for decades, shining light on the legacies that bring us where we are today—in our hearts and identities, on the streets and under the sheets.  


Nico Dacumos teaches Special Education in Oakland, California, and is a performer, poet, and writer. In October he performed monologue and poetry with the Mangos with Chili Queer Borderlands 2008 traveling cabaret in 11 cities throughout the Southwest United States.  He performed for the National Queer Arts Festival in 2007 & 2008 with productions of “Insurgency: Queer Mixed Bodies,” “El cuerpo habla y ensegna,” “Representaciòn,” “Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots, and “Transforming Community.” He has performed at venues such as the Writer’s Village stage at San Francisco PRIDE, Koret Auditorium at the San Francisco Public Library, City Lights Books, Galerìa de la Raza, and Highways Performance Space in Los Angeles. Nico also develops workshops exploring race, queerness, sex, and love, which have been presented for UC Davis, Mount Holyoke and Smith Colleges, Sistersong, Georgians for Choice, Body Positive Atlanta, and Femme Conference 2006. His written work appears in the anthology Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of G