QCC Selects Eight Artists for 2024 CQC Level 1 Cohort!

We want to give a warm welcome to QCC’s 2024 Creating Queer Communities Level 1 Cohort! In January, QCC’s review committee selected 8 emerging artists from 39 qualified queer & trans artists who answered our open call for the our relaunched CQC1 program. These artists are already paving the way through the tumultuous storms of political and cultural struggles, illuminating a path towards a more just and beautiful world. During the course of the CQC1 program this year, these artists will receive monthly learning stipends to support their participation in Emerging Artist professional development workshop series, on-the-ground production experience, and commissions for new creative work to be performed in the CQC Level 1 Showcase in November 2024 during our inaugural Fall National Queer Arts Festival! Luckily, there’s nothing else happening in Nov. 2024 that could possibly ruin our rainbow. ;) With a little TLC from QCC, the seeds we’re planting now will blossom into a Showcase of  JOYPOCALYPTIC PROPORTIONS come fall.

Selected artists: Angela Zamora (Literary), Deon Brown (Music/Interdisciplinary), Ann Chen (Theater/Performance), Demi Alex Ayuna(Theater/Performance), Esperanza Cabrales (Literary), Satchi Thockchom (Music), Lis Solis(Event Production/Interdisciplinary), Cristina Medrano (Music)