Queer Cultural Center will select 5-7 applicants for the CQC2 cohort. CQC2 cohort members will receive professional development workshops and will produce an individual cultural event as part of QCC’s 2025 Spring Queer Arts Festival. 

The artistic theme for the 2025 Spring Queer Arts Festival is “Pleasure in the Storm”. We invite projects that address queer approaches to sustaining ourselves and our communities through cultivating inner joy, community connection, and sensory pleasures amid the ongoing political, cultural, public health, and climate crises that shape our current material conditions.

We invite artists and creatives of all disciplines to join us on March 16th as we walk through the most important parts of drafting a budget for your upcoming project or production. 

We want to give a warm welcome to our new Creating Queer Communities Level 1 Cohort <3!

qcc staff stand in a row, smiling. left to right are vienna, anand, sarah, and ali. bright sparkly gold text reads "queer cultural center wishes you JOY in 2024" on top, with staff names at the bottom

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Graphic displays faded image of a forest of trees, overlayed with a picture of white and yellow flowers. White highlighted text at the top of graphic reads “27TH ANNUAL NATIONAL QUER ARTS FESTIVAL” with “SPRING 2024” and “FALL 2024”in the middle of the doc. For SPRING 2024, white curved lines are connected to three seperate green text bubbles: the first reads “Season Anchor L. Frank Manriquez,” the second reads “Season Anchor Xtal Azul & Bloom Collective QTBIPOC Visual Art Exhibit,” and the third reads “call for artists and volunteers coming soon!” For FALL 2024, white curved lines are connected to three seperate purple text bubbles: the first reads “Creating Queer Communities Emerging Artist Showcase,” the second reads “Season Anchor: Stay tuned for announcement!” and the third reads “CQC application information coming soon!”

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