12×18 inch, digital print

image by Agana, in collaboration with the Southwest Worker’s Union

Artist statement: “The image is symbolic of how corporate consumption of food and fashion are directly linked to fracking our earth for fossil fuels.  The seeds sprouting from the planet and growing into corn are metaphors for thoughts growing to create change that does not destroy our mother earth. The drops of water from the clouds and streams represent rain cycles and clean water returning back to our plants and life forms all screaming out “WE ARE THE STORM!”


Agana is an aerosol artist and digital audiovisual provocateur with a background in jewelry and metal arts. She reaches out to audiences  by cultivating art for social action and bringing attention to issues from a female perspective of resilience.

Southwest Worker’s Union (SWU)
SWU is a San Antonio based organization of low-income workers and families, community residents, and youth, united in one organizational struggle for workers’ rights, environmental justice and community empowerment.


We Are The Storm

CultureStrike, in collaboration with Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, has forged partnerships between artists and frontline environmental justice organizations to create a provocative, limited-edition art print portfolio, called We are the Storm, that highlights the urgency of climate change on these communities.

The portfolio draws inspiration from the powerful work of grassroots groups that are championing creative and community-based solutions to combat climate change. The artworks bring voices from frontline communities that are being the most impacted by climate change and destructive environmental practices, to the forefront of the climate change discussion.

Portfolio contains 23 12″x18″ digital and screenprints from the following artists:

Agana/Southwest Worker’s Union (SWU)

Micah Bizant/Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN)

Kevin Caplicki/Marcellus Shale Earth First!

Thea Gahr/Everglades Earth First! (EEF!)

Thomas Greyeyes/The San Carlos Apache

Nicolas Lampert/The Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands (MICATS)

Fernando Marti/No More Deaths

Colin Matthes/Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE)

Mazatl/Reclaim Turtle Island (RTI)

Nicolas Medina/People Organizing to Demand Environmental Justice

Roger Peet/Portland and Wild Idaho Rising Tide

Gilda Posada/California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA)

Jesse Purcell/The Unis’tot’en (C’ihlts’ehkyu/Big Frog Clan)

Pete Railand/Occupy Sandy

Favianna Rodriguez/Movement Generation (MG)

Julio Salgado/Texas Environmental Justice Advisory Services (TEJAS)

Meredith Stern/Bridge the Gulf

David Tim/

Rommy Torrico/Kentuckians for the Commonwealth (KFTC)

Mary Tremonte, -Tar Sands Blockade

Erin Yoshi/Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN)

Bec Young/Radical Action for Mountain People’s Survival (RAMPS)