aquí estamos/here we are

with Pati Cruz

Artist Bio
Nacide cuir y criade católica en Puerto Rico. Lo católico desapareció lentamente, lo cuir se mantuvo. Elle pasó algunos años en Nueva York, luego otros años en Cuba; ha aprendido a vivir con estas realidades opuestas. Nómade profesional hasta que aparezca un pedazo de montaña para establecerse. Pati está ahora de regreso en Puerto Rico intentando vivir, escribir y hacer películas.

Born cuir and brought up catholic in Puerto Rico. The catholic slowly disappeared, the cuir stuck around. Spent a few years in New York, then another few years in Cuba. Professional nomad until a corner of mountain appears to settle in. Pati is now back in Puerto Rico trying to live, write, and make films.

Artist conversation launches Wednesday, June 25, 2020

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Project Statement
El video busca insertar una memoria construida en la mente de las personas de este pari que nunca pasó en El Hangar en Santurce. Si el archivo visual existe, entonces estuvimos ahí; tan cerca, que no hubo más alternativa que tocarnos.


Aquí estamos / here we are is an online exhibition, an act of collective solidarity, regeneration and celebration between queer artists from the Bay Area and Puerto Rico redefining the domestic space. Under the circumstances of the shelter-in-place in the Bay Area and the lockdown in Puerto Rico, the question of what a domestic space is, what it should be for and what it should do, has shifted. Aquí estamos / here we are fosters conversations and collaborations amongst artists from two places that are home to joyful, persevering, and active communities. As queers of color, re-imagining our futures includes rejecting the past as “the normal” and questioning our own relationships with what is considered a domestic, private or safe space.

Once a week throughout June, artists will share work through intimate online conversations and a virtual exhibition that will take over Queer Cultural Center’s Instagram. They are creating work by rethinking what a domestic space is and could be. At the end of June, all the artists will gather to have an open conversation with the show’s curator on how we reimagine collective futures from a domestic space. These creations and conversations will be in a digital publication available later this year.

View more work from the exhibition at X-Patterns


Curly haired brown skin person with pink pants, black leotard, hoop earrings standing against a colorful backgroundFoto por Cristobal Guerra Naranjo

Awilda Rodríguez Lora and Cristóbal Guerra Naranjo

Instagram takeover
June 1 - 7

Artist conversation online
June 3, 2020

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

Instagram takeover
June 8 - 14

Artist conversation online
June 10, 2020
Curly haired person with one side of head shaved wearing a red shirt and overalls

Marcela Pardo Ariza

Instagram takeover
June 15 - 21

Artist conversation online
June 18, 2020
Brown curly haired person holding their hair up in black short sleeved jumpsuit standing against backdrop of green leaves in an outdoor space

Pati Cruz

Instagram takeover
June 22 - 28

Artist conversation online
June 25, 2020
Speckled halftone background text says Puerto Rico and the Bay Area: A Cuir / Queer Conversation

Puerto Rico & the Bay Area: A Cuir/Queer Conversation
June 30, 2020
5pm (PST)

Aquí estamos / here we are artists and collaborators join curator, Juan Carlos Rodríguez Rivera, for a live online conversation. How do we imagine collective futures from a domestic space? What privileges does that entail? How have shelter-in-place and lockdowns affected each individual artists' practice?

aquí estamos / here we are
Virtual Exhibition
June 1- 30, 2020

An online exhibition paired with intimate artist talks that launch every Wednesday in June and weekly Instagram takeovers by featured artists. This work is an act of collective solidarity, regeneration, and celebration between queer artists from the Bay Area and Puerto Rico redefining the domestic space.