Bernice Bing Retrospective, 1999



Bernice Bing (1936 – 1998)

A San Francisco native, Chinese American, artist, lesbian, community activist–Bernice Bing, 62, was a bridge between many worlds. She came of age during the Beat era and entered the San Francisco arts landscape in the 1960s with her paintings, which synthesize abstract modernist painting with Chinese calligraphy.

With texts by Moira Roth, Diane Tani, Flo Wong, and Valerie Soe; we are very honored and proud to present the work of this important artist.

Qcc would like to thank the family of Bernice Bing for allowing us to reproduce her work for this presentation.

The Bernice Bing project was organized for Qcc by Rudy Lemcke and Lenore Chinn.