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The Painting in the Rafters: Re-Figuring Abstract Expressionist Bernice Bing by Jennifer Banta, 2009 What is the mystery? The mystery is the work in process. Visually, I sense a great […]

INTERVIEW WITH ARTIST Selections from interviews with Bernice Bing by Moira Roth and Diane Tani, August 13 and 24, 1991. In 1961, Bernice Bing graduates from the San Francisco Art […]

Bing Exhibition Introduction By Valerie Soe At first glance Bernice Bing’s large, vividly colored gestural canvases seem direct descendants of Abstract Expressionism’s broad, dynamic use of paint and highly charged […]

Bing Exhibition SOMArts 1991 PREFACE By Moira Roth and Diane Tani As we worked on the research for this catalogue, we became increasingly aware of the richness of Bernice Bing’s […]

WOMEN’S CAUCUS FOR ART 1996 Honor Award Ceremony an excerpt from the presentation ceremony By Flo Wong There is nothing more challenging to us as human beings than to embark […]

CLARITY By Moira Roth Bernice Bing was a dearly loved friend of mine, and I knew her very well for the last ten years of her life. I first met […]

QUANTUM BINGO By Lydia Matthews Quantum theory reveals a basic oneness of the universe. It shows that we cannot decompose the world into independently existing smallest units. . .but rather […]

BERNICE BING RETROSPECTIVE – SOMArts Gallery San Francisco – 1991 Column 1 Value Column 0 Value Column 1 Value Elements, 1962 72″ x 72″ Oil Stolen Lotus Root, 1990 96 […]

A NARRATIVE CHRONOLOGY By Moira Roth Based on a series of taped audio and video interviews with Bing in the fall of 1990 and summer of 1991, material in the […]