bilicious June 4
S.F. LGBT Community Center – Rainbow Room
Tickets: $12-$20
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From left to right: Carol Queen, Nick Leonard, Maggi Rubenstein, Nicki Koethner, Khalil Sullivan, Diahna Fortuna. Photos: Becky Jaffe
Bilicious returns to the National Queer Arts Festival for its third annual showcase of bisexual comedy, music, film, poetry, and dance. This year’s show celebrates Bisexual History through a playful mix of serious issues and entertainment.

Featuring Carol Queen (writer, speaker, cultural sexologist, and founding director of The Center for Sex and Culture), Free Roaming Chicks (performing Syncopated Dreams, an ever-evolving structured, improvised piece including spoken word and movement), Julie Cohen (Los Angeles stand-up comedian), Khalil Sullivan (performing his unique Mutant Choir Boy Blues), Nick Leonard (San Francisco comedian and performer), and Susannah Layton (filmmaker, multimedia artist, and artistic director of Bilicious Productions).

Panel discussion will immediately follow the performance with the performers and Maggi Rubenstein (teacher, therapist, and sexologist, who started the bisexual movement in San Francisco in 1972). We encourage audience participation by asking questions to the panel!

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From left to right: Maggi Rubenstein, Carol Queen. Photo: Becky Jaffe


Carol Queen PhD, is a writer, speaker, cultural sexologist, and founding director of The Center for Sex and Culture. Her award-winning fiction and essays have been widely published, and she’s the author or editor of many books, including PoMoSexuals and Best Bisexual Erotica. She works as staff sexologist at Good Vibrations, where she’s developing a line of sex education videos.;

Free Roaming Chicks Diahna Fortuna and Nicki Koethner, have been performing together since 2009. Syncopated Dreams is an ever-evolving structured, improvised piece including spoken word and movement which explores common universal themes in love, sex and relationships. Nicki Koethner is a Multimedia Artist, Marriage and Family and Expressive Art Therapist. Her performance work is inspired by her six year practice of Bodytales and Authentic Movement. She is one of the Executive Co-Chair of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association and is on the Board of Bodytales. Diahna Fortuna is an Essential Motion Instructor, Performing Artist, Massage Therapist, and a Breema and Rosen Method Bodyworker. She has been performing in theater and dance since she was four years old and has been teaching Essential Motion classes & groups throughout the Bay Area since 2000.

Julie Cohen has been performing stand-up comedy around Los Angeles for the last four years. She has performed at the Hollywood Improv, Comedy Store, the Ice House, and the Upright Citizens Brigade theatre. She’s shared the stage with Aziz Ansari, Marga Gomez and Iliza Schlesinger. For three years, she hosted Los Angeles’s only queer open mic at the venerable West Hollywood lesbian institution The Palms. Julie also writes and produces sketches for the comedy website, and has edited several reality television shows, including Real World/Road Rules Challenge & Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Khalil Sullivan makes Mutant Choir Boy Blues a frightening mixture of shouting, stomping, crying, wailing, moaning, groaning, and cooing. His style emanates from the pop sensibilities of the late Michael Jackson, the queer restlessness of Tracy Chapman, and the phantom sounds heard in the churches and temples he’s visited since living in Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and now California. You can find his music on YouTube or MySpace or on his own website, but chances are, no recording will ever come close to replicating the live experience of his musical incantations.

Maggie Rubenstein Born and raised in San Francisco, Maggi Rubenstein, RN, MFT, PhD, is a teacher, therapist, and sexologist, who started the bisexual movement in San Francisco in 1972 and was responsible, along with others, for putting the “B” into “LGBT!” Maggi co-founded and led several major sex-education institutions in San Francisco, including the SF Sex Information Hotline, the Bisexual Center, Bi-Pol – the political arm of the bisexual rights effort, and the Bay Area Bisexual Network, which still exists today. She also worked as part of the core faculty at Glide Memorial Church’s National Sex Forum, which under her co-leadership, later became the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. Maggi has been an outspoken advocate for Bisexual women and men for 40 years and is now almost 80!

Nick Leonard is a San Francisco comedian and performer, starting at the legendary Josie’s Juice Joint he has performed across the US and internationally, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He also produces Qcomedy, San Francisco’s long running LGBTQ comedy showcase. Nick performs regularly as a comic and host around the Bay Area and Los Angeles at such venues as Cobb’s, the Punchline, Russian River Resort, The Improv on Melrose (LA), The Ice House (Pasadena), and the Santa Cruz Pride Festival. He’s performed with Eric McCormack, Louie Anderson, Marga Gomez, Karen Ripley and many others. Please stalk him at:

Susannah Layton is a filmmaker, multi-media artist, and the artistic director of Bilicious Productions. Born and raised in England to an international family of performing artists, Susannah created The Bilicious Show while she lived in San Francisco before moving to Boston, where she is currently based. Susannah’s documentary films about bisexual activists, visual and performing artists are featured each year as part of The Bilicious Show. She has also participated in LGBT speaker panels and co-facilitated a workshop on bisexual awareness for queer youth.

From left to right: Diahna Fortuna and Nicki Koethner (Free Roaming Chicks). Photo: Becky Jaffe

This event received a Creating Queer Community Commission from Queer Cultural Center funded through the San Francisco Foundation.