Homegrown Cali native Sis. Nau~T is a lover of life and cultivator of peace and harmony. Inclined to spend time with cool folks doing cool things including but not limited to watching martial arts movies, listening to music, paradigm shifting, and farmers’ market shopping. This performance was part of: Brouhaha:QTPOC Activist-Comics Rise Up Produced by: […]

June 5, 2014 Brouhaha:QTPOC Activist-Comics Rise Up African American Art and Culture Complex, SF Jezebel Delilah X and Manish Vaidya National Queer Arts Festival 2014 This spring, activist comedy legend Micia Mosely trained a crew of hilarious new queer and trans comedians of color to fight back. This video show the opening night crowd and […]

Julie Weitz   Yr Body Is My Geometry from Julie Weitz on Vimeo. Yr Body is My Geometry Single Channel HD Video, 5:15m, 2012 Music by Scott Moore Artist Statement A dichotomous relationship is set up between two figures, impenetrably connected through the surface of the mirror. The artist measures, tapes and paints a geometric […]

Rami George   Untitled (two men, last scene) from Rami George on Vimeo. Artist Statement When spoken aloud “two men, last scene” can also become “two men, last seen.” This simple phrase acts as inspiration for this video. It begins to describe a scene in a film, as well as, simultaneously, the disappearance of bodies. […]

Susana Cortez Artist Statement “Dirting_Indianapolis” This was a social action in Indianapolis, IN. I covered myself with dirt and walked throughout downtown Indianapolis, Indiana for about an hour. This was the first piece where I use dirt as my medium. By covering myself with dirt, I became visible to every person who came across my […]