Homegrown Cali native Sis. Nau~T is a lover of life and cultivator of peace and harmony. Inclined to spend time with cool folks doing cool things including but not limited […]

June 5, 2014 Brouhaha:QTPOC Activist-Comics Rise Up African American Art and Culture Complex, SF Jezebel Delilah X and Manish Vaidya National Queer Arts Festival 2014 This spring, activist comedy legend […]

Julie Weitz   Yr Body Is My Geometry from Julie Weitz on Vimeo. Yr Body is My Geometry Single Channel HD Video, 5:15m, 2012 Music by Scott Moore Artist Statement […]

Rami George   Untitled (two men, last scene) from Rami George on Vimeo. Artist Statement When spoken aloud “two men, last scene” can also become “two men, last seen.” This […]

Susana Cortez Artist Statement “Dirting_Indianapolis” This was a social action in Indianapolis, IN. I covered myself with dirt and walked throughout downtown Indianapolis, Indiana for about an hour. This was […]