Xandra Ibara Video Balboa Method

Indira Allegra       Artist Statement The word text is rooted in the latin verb texere which means ‘to weave’. As a writer and artist, I explore forms of […]

Hoang Tan Nguyen look_im_azn Nguyen Tan Hoang, 5 min. 35 sec., 2011, USA, Color & B/W, Silent Artist Statement The video explores gay Asian men’s (GAMs) cruising strategies on American […]

Deborah Wheeler       Artist Statement The body, in certain contexts, has the ability to either free or oppress us. By re-appropriating American culture through found objects, I question […]

Julie Weitz   Yr Body Is My Geometry from Julie Weitz on Vimeo. Yr Body is My Geometry Single Channel HD Video, 5:15m, 2012 Music by Scott Moore Artist Statement […]

Netta Sadovsky       Artist Statement I sample iterations of bodies intersecting and diverging. The works form an ongoing study of conflict and intimacy as boundaries are both drawn […]

Rami George   Untitled (two men, last scene) from Rami George on Vimeo. Artist Statement When spoken aloud “two men, last scene” can also become “two men, last seen.” This […]

Ho Yan Pun Nicole         Artist statement Hand project by Ho Yan Pun Nicole As a lesbian artist from Hong Kong, I choose lesbian’s hands as a […]

Joe Netta