Xandra Ibara Video Balboa Method

Indira Allegra       Artist Statement The word text is rooted in the latin verb texere which means ‘to weave’. As a writer and artist, I explore forms of intertextuality, intimacy, emotion and endurance. I am interested to find how written, spoken and woven texts are animate in their ability shape each other, creating […]

Hoang Tan Nguyen look_im_azn Nguyen Tan Hoang, 5 min. 35 sec., 2011, USA, Color & B/W, Silent Artist Statement The video explores gay Asian men’s (GAMs) cruising strategies on American gay sex hookup websites. In environments deemed open and accessible, affording new sexual freedoms, GAMs often encounter such pronouncements as “No fats, no femmes, no […]

Deborah Wheeler       Artist Statement The body, in certain contexts, has the ability to either free or oppress us. By re-appropriating American culture through found objects, I question social, political and cultural issues about sex, gender roles and marginalized groups. A form of semiotic manipulation occurs through the re-contextualization of  objects and their […]

Julie Weitz   Yr Body Is My Geometry from Julie Weitz on Vimeo. Yr Body is My Geometry Single Channel HD Video, 5:15m, 2012 Music by Scott Moore Artist Statement A dichotomous relationship is set up between two figures, impenetrably connected through the surface of the mirror. The artist measures, tapes and paints a geometric […]

Netta Sadovsky       Artist Statement I sample iterations of bodies intersecting and diverging. The works form an ongoing study of conflict and intimacy as boundaries are both drawn and challenged. After a series of works manifesting the negative space between human bodies, I have also become interested in experiments with dolls and toys. […]

Rami George   Untitled (two men, last scene) from Rami George on Vimeo. Artist Statement When spoken aloud “two men, last scene” can also become “two men, last seen.” This simple phrase acts as inspiration for this video. It begins to describe a scene in a film, as well as, simultaneously, the disappearance of bodies. […]

Ho Yan Pun Nicole         Artist statement Hand project by Ho Yan Pun Nicole As a lesbian artist from Hong Kong, I choose lesbian’s hands as a site of resistance. Through photographing and exposing different lesbian’s hand gestures in public, I am making a political statement to show the existence of the […]

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