Minkyung Choi

Love Letter for a Girl, 2013 from MinkyungChoi on Vimeo.

Artist Statement
Love Letter for a Girl explores the relationship between girls and their desires within the spectatorship of blog culture. The camera views a reflective monitor while I scroll down collected images of girls from online apparel shops and blogs. The voice-over of “the love letter” is recited and written by myself, also partly appropriated from Korean online clothing shop rhetorics. Love Letter for a Girl is motivated by the prevailing online shopping and blog culture in Korea. The work addresses the complex nature of female spectatorship and the desire embedded, especially in contemporary media culture. The narrator’s seductive, maternal yet narcissistic tone of voice complicates the speaking subject and receiver of the speech. The ambiguous relationship between the female viewer/narrator and images of girls reflects women’s ambivalent position both as objects and subjects of desire.