Dirtstar 2010 – Night Soil

dirtstar June 13
Dirtstar 2010 – Night Soil
African American Art & Culture Complex
Tickets: $12-$20
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Honoring the NQAF 2010 theme, Making History, Dirtstar returns as Nightsoil, an open air night market in a parallel future.  Farmers, chefs, and storytellers gather under the twinkling light of projected histories of queer activism for environmental justice. A delicious menagerie of street food and art, at Nightsoil, headphones hang next to seedlings and performances range between farm stands, mapping our queer edible history and projecting that history into an imagined future. Canning jars glow with the pink and green ferments of potlucks, food co-ops, and back to the land faeries, Nightsoil will invoke tastes of queer diasporas with recipes that blend the fruit of our homelands with the queer cultures we have created.  Cruise the night market, ducking into stalls to taste, watch, and plant. Pedal the neighborhood and discover how queers have been innovating with the HomoHomestead Bike Tour!

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Ami Puri mixes dirt and digital media to create videos and installations that center trans*genderqueer self-determination.

Jonah Mossberg is a genderqueer guerilla gardener, middle-school garden teacher, aspiring farmer and filmmaker. Jonah is the producer/director of the Queer Farmer Film Project, an in-process documentary film about the hearts and hard work of America’s queer farmers. A short version of the film made its debut in the 2009 San Francisco Transgender Film Festival.

Joolay La Gay started HomoHomestead so that she could get to see all the most amazing urban homesteads in the Bay Area – by bike!  Her homostead has a veggie and medicinal herb garden, three chickens, one dog and many rotting fermenting foods.  Someday she wants a goat.

Amara is an urban-agrarian songstylist, who performs compost-hot numbers accompanied by piano and friends. She prefers to garden in heels.

Shifting Narratives is a collective of artists who create shared experiences through interactive media and innovative events. Focusing on narrative and experimental short filmmaking, the collective aims to empower marginalized communities to hear and share stories that challenge traditional ideas and assumptions of race, gender, class and sexuality. The Shifting Narratives Collective includes Ami Puri, Amanda Vigil, Catrina Chaos, Celeste Chan, Dara Sklar, Linda Chiu, Maya Orli Cohen, Tonilyn Sideco, and Vanessa Huang.

Queer Food For Love is a collaboration of queer artists, activists, and cooks who create food on a semi-regular basis for community, not profit.

And the HomoHomestead Bike Tour!

This event received a Creating Queer Community Commission from Queer Cultural Center funded through the San Francisco Foundation.