Third Person

thirdpersonsq June 16 & 17
Third Person: (When the) LGB (fucks the) T (and how to make love instead)
The Garage
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Josh Klipp
Third Person is an in-your-face, engaging, multi-media look at how the LGB treats and has treated the “T” throughout history.  Starting with the Compton Cafeteria and Stonewall Riots to the modern day gay rights movement, it calls out the ways the LGBT community claims unity but creates barriers to inclusion of transpeople – to the detriment of our entire community’s civil rights efforts.

Transgender artist Joshua Klipp gets deep in Third Person. He dives into the subject matter illustrated with the iconic work of photographers Daniel Nicoletta and Amos Mac, sound scored to his own pre- and post-transition vocals, featuring his hip hop dance company Freeplay Dance Crew, woven together with narrative including excerpts of historical LGBT civil rights speeches and writings.  Throughout the dissection, Josh bares his deeply personal experiences, humanizing what is often treated as an intellectual discourse.

Ultimately, “Third Person” suggests healing with live examples of what is achieved when diversity and similarity are celebrated, rather than placing focus on parsing identity camps.  Third Person’s energetic finale premieres Josh’s new music video as well as previously unreleased music featuring Josh and Katastrophe.  Third Person exposes raw nerves, engages in meaningful dialogue, and leaves you believing in hope for our community and our world.


Josh Klipp.

Joshua Klipp (primary artist) is a transgender singer, hip hop dancer, writer and aspiring videographer.  Josh began singing as a young child, but started over completely after his voice changed in transition.  Josh marked that vocal metamorphosis with the ground breaking track, “Little Girl” – the first time in music history that a transman has recorded and released a track featuring pre- and post transition vocals.  This song was featured on The Tyra Banks Show, as well as Showtime’s The L Word.  Josh’s song “L1FE” hit the Billboard Charts in 2008.  And each of Josh’s three music videos – including one directed and produced by Margaret Cho – have been aired on MTV LOGO’s Click List and New Now Next, as well as in film festivals around the world.  Josh has toured extensively, performing live at events across the country and internationally.

In 2009, Josh directed a music video for the queer folk-acoustic duo, Coyote Grace, and self-published a book of essays titled “Third Person” chronicling a year of introspection around gender, sexuality, love and intense personal growth.  Josh also marked his re-entry to jazz music by recording a jazz demo with renowned pianist Julie Wolf (Indigo Girls, Ani DiFranco, Maceo Parker).

Josh is also the co-founder and current Creative Director for Freeplay Dance Crew – a hip hop dance company with an unparalleled focus on and celebration of gender, sexual orientation, and all forms of diversity.  Through Josh, Freeplay has collaborated with well known and respected Bay Area dance companies including AXIS Dance Company and the Sarah Bush Dance Project.  For more info and to contact Josh visit

Kristopher Cloud (contributing artist) is a Bay Area music producer who has been working with LGBT artists for more than a decade.  Kristopher and Josh teamed up in 2000, creating some of Josh’s most well known work including his 2007 album, “Won’t Stop Now”, including the Billboard charting “L1FE” and music history making “Little Girl”.  Kristopher Cloud is Josh’s wizard behind the curtain, and Josh states with pride he would not be where he is today without Kristopher’s talents, love and support.

Liz Angoff and Freeplay Dance Crew (contributing artists).  Liz Angoff is the Director of Freeplay Dance Crew and assistant producer of Third Person.  Freeplay was founded in 2000 by Josh Klipp and Jonathan deLima, and has been home to more than 60 talented and diverse dancers throughout the years.  Freeplay has performed around the Bay Area at events such as the San Francisco Hip Hop Dance Festival, San Francisco Pride (Main Stage, API Stage, Latin Stage), Gay Day @ Great America, and many more.  Freeplay creates community from the friendships between its dancers, to fundraiser performances and fundraiser productions it puts on for community and artist organizations.  Freeplay is based out of the Embarcadero YMCA and membership is by audition.  For more information contact Liz at [email protected]

Daniel Nicoletta (contributing artist) is a Bay Area photography legend.  At the age of 19 Dan was hired by Harvey Milk and Scott Smith to work at Castro Camera.  Dan went on to create some of the most iconic photographs of Harvey Milk which were featured prominently in the 1985 Academy Award winning documentary, “The Times of Harvey Milk”.  Dan continues to photo document Bay Area queer culture, and much of his work is archived at the James C. Hormel Gay and Lesbian Center at the San Francisco Public Library.

Amos Mac (contributing artist) is a San Francisco based photographer and writer.  His photographic work has shown in galleries across the country and around the world.  He is the Editor-in-Chief of Original Plumbing, the first magazine dedicated to the sexuality and culture of FTM transsexuals.  For more information visit

Aarin Burch (contributing artist) is an independent film and video producer who has worked internationally and throughout the Bay Area for the past 19 years.  Her films have shown in film festivals around the country and across the world, including the San Francisco Frameline Film Festival, and the London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, to name a few.  Aarin directed Josh’s video, “L1FE”, which was featured on MTV LOGO’s New Now Next, as well as his most recent music video, “Little Girl”.  For more information visit

Sara Cinnamon (contributing artist) is the brilliance behind some of the Third Person’s vivid imagery.  An MIT post-graduate, Sara is well versed in multiple art media as well as insanely complicated mechanical engineering.

James Buck (contributing artist) is completing his double master’s degree in Photojournalism and Middle Eastern Studies at UC Berkeley.  James took time from his busy mid-terms schedule to shoot Third Person’s promo photos, as well as stills behind the scenes on the music video set of “Little Girl”.  For more information on James visit 

Special thanks to Cindy Chan and The Lesbian Podcast for use of their show in the Third Person audio score!

More thanks for their contributions to this show:  Jonathan El-Bizri (music producer); Sarah Deragon (photography); Dara Sklar, Melinda Bagatelos, and Ariana Zeno (filmmakers and PA); Jesse Freidin of Jessie Freidin Photography, Pam Peniston and the Queer Cultural Center, and Joe Landini / The Garage.

This event received a Creating Queer Community Commission from Queer Cultural Center funded through the San Francisco Foundation.