Dirty Ink


Dirty Ink Does City Art
Dirty Ink – Dyke Erotic Readings

Thurs, June 10, 2004. 7pm
CityArt Gallery
828 Valencia St.

Tickets: Free Event


Photo: Scott Velardo

Dirty Ink
Dirty Ink is a collective of dyke writers who come together around our passion for language, voice and sex. We believe in the invention of experience through writing. As women, we are not raised to be perverts. We are encouraging one another to misbehave through developing our own erotic language and sharing it with others. We perform our work to enact the selves we’ve inscribed, bring others into our hot, written worlds, and encourage them to misbehave as well. We are exhibitionists who are keeping our clothes on… for now…

We will be performing the work of our own peculiar erotics and invite listeners, witnesses and co-conspiritors to join us in a celebration of the dyke erotic.